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The Welsh Government are supporting us to roll out Reading Well in all 22 library authorities in Wales, beginning with Reading Well Books on Prescription for dementia as part of the new Dementia Action Plan for Wales. The scheme was launched in Wales in July 2018 and is now available in Welsh libraries. You can find out more about the scheme here.

Download the user leaflet in both English and Welsh from our resources bank.

The books

The books provide information and advice, support for living well, advice for relatives and carers, and personal stories. They are endorsed by health professionals and can all be found in the local library.

You can find out more about the books by downloading an overview of the titles on the list.

Welsh translation

We are working with the Welsh Books Council to make titles on the list available in Welsh language for the first time. The first three books to be translated are:

Annwyl Dementia – Y Chwerthin a’r Dagrau (Dear Dementia: The Laughter and the Tears) by Ian Donaghy

Addasiad celfydd o lyfr sy’n crisialu’r rhwystredigaeth a’r heriau a wynebir gan unigolion sydd â dementia, eu teuluoedd a staff gofal. Llyfr y gall plant ei ddarllen a’i ddeall, sy’n dangos sut y gall dementia effeithio ar bob un ohonom, a pha mor bwysig yw dangos empathi. Mae’n cynnwys delweddau trawiadol a phytiau sy’n gymysgedd o’r digrif a’r dwys.

A skilful adaptation of a book that crystalises the frustrations and challenges faced by individuals with dementia, their families and care staff. A book that children can read and understand, that demonstrates how dementia can affect us all, and how important it is to show empathy. It includes stunning images and snippets that mix humour with intensity.

Ynghylch Dementia: Ar gyfer pobl ag anableddau dysgu (About Dementia: For People with Learning Disabilities) by Karen Dodd, Vicky Turk and Michelle Christmas

Llyfryn sy’n esbonio’r cyflwr dementia, ar gyfer pobl ag anableddau dysgu. Y llyfr cyntaf erioed yn y Gymraeg sy’n esbonio’r cyflwr Dementia i bobl sydd ag anableddau dysgu. Addasiad naturiol a chlir gan addasydd profiadol.

This title looks specifically at the challenges that people with learning disabilities who develop or encounter dementia may face.

Mam-gu a fi (Grandma) by Jessica Shepherd

Mae Osian yn meddwl y byd o Mam-gu, ac mae’r ddau yn cael llawer o hwyl gyda’i gilydd. Ond pan mae Mam-gu’n dechrau cael trafferth i ofalu amdani ei hun, mae hi’n gorfod symud i fyw mewn cartref arbennig. Y llyfr stori cyntaf erioed yn y Gymraeg i drafod y cyflwr Dementia o safbwynt plentyn ifanc.

More and more children are encountering dementia and its effects on their families. This touching story, told in Oscar’s own words, is a positive and practical tale about the experience. The factual page about dementia helps children talk about their feelings and find new ways to enjoy the changing relationship.

As well as this, the user leaflet has been adapted with Welsh signposting and made available in Welsh language. You can browse our bilingual material in our resources bank.

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