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Ella on the Outside

Cath Howe

Ella is facing some big changes. She’s just had to start at a new school, she’s moved away from her best friend Grace, her eczema is acting up, and on top of all that, she has a huge secret to keep about her family. So, when Lydia, the most popular girl in school, wants to start hanging out, things must be on the up… right?
The only problem is, Lydia really wants to know what Ella’s hiding and she’s also desperate for intel on the quiet girl in class, Molly. So just how far will Ella go to keep her new friendship?
Ella on the Outside is a hugely relatable tale that will strike a chord with anyone who has felt the pressure to please a new friend or has struggled to fit in. Ella makes mistakes, but she’s also hugely likeable, and author Cath Howe perfectly captures her anxieties and worries.

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Reader Reviews


11 July 2020

The book is about a ten years old girl, Ella, and how she learnt to love herself and make friends in her new school.
Lyda is the envy of most of the girls at school because she is popular, and she is my favourite character.
I would recommend the book to everyone to read because it shows the benefits of being a good friend.


08 December 2019

This book was funny but at the same time it was mysterious.I would recommend this book for eight -nine year olds.This book was about a girl called Ella who’s dad got arrested.She moved schools and houses and the most popular girl in school[Lydia]wanted to be her friend.She could not belive her luck.Her dad being arrested was suppose to be a secret but she told Lydia.Lydia threatned to tell her secret so Ella did what she said.

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