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Ode to Didcot Power Station

Kit Wright

Few English poets have quite Kit Wright’s range. From heart-felt lyricism to blistering satire, from the ribald to the grief-stricken, his poems cover almost everything life can throw at anyone, quite literally from the sublime to the ridiculous. Entertaining and engaging, writing with wit, panache and dazzling virtuosity, Kit Wright is both a seriously funny poet and a poignant chronicler of our times. His latest collection, published on his 70th birthday, shows him young at heart and writing, as always, from the heart of England.


Rwyf wedi darllen hwn

Reader Reviews


20 May 2015

As one who navigates by the sight of the power station lights this was a disappointment to me. Perhaps it was just a bit over my head. I have that love hate relationship with this massive set of buidlings, but I didn’t get exactly what Kit Wright felt. I was really looking forward to this as a beacon to those who see only the negatives in having a power station in our locality, but unfortunately I didn’t find that in this work.

Cymorth brys