Six Foot Six

Kit de Waal

It’s an exciting day for Timothy Flowers. It’s the third of November, and it’s Friday, and it’s his twenty-first birthday. When Timothy walks to his usual street corner to see his favourite special bus, he meets Charlie. Charlie is a builder who is desperate for Timothy’s help because Timothy is very tall, six feet six inches. Timothy has never had a job before – or no work that he’s kept for more than a day. But when Timothy and Charlie have to collect money from a local thug, things don’t exactly go according to plan…

Over the course of one day, Timothy’s life will change for ever.

“Heart-warming, perfectly short and sweet.”

Penguin Random House (Quick Reads)·9780241317921

Reader Reviews


01 February 2018

A touching story of friendship and adventure, leading to drama and unexpected consequences!


29 June 2018

A short novel depicting the adventures of new acquaintances Timothy and Charlie. Moderately pace keeping me engaged throughout, this is a novel with a little bit of heart. However, just as you get to know the characters, the story ends, one of the downfalls of a quick read.