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The Recruit

Robert Muchamore

A new cover look for the number one bestselling CHERUB series! In the first title, James hits rock bottom before he’s offered a new start in an intriguing organisation …


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03 August 2017

I really really liked this book as it had a lot of action as well as mystery and suspense. There was also a few unexpected plot twists as well ! It almost felt that the whole world was over when his mum died, sister (Lauren) taken away by evil step dad Ron and James (main character) was getting in trouble with the police! But then came Cherub !…
My favorite part was when James had to do a survival course in Malaysia !
The mission he had was very intriguing as well !
I love the idea of kids going on missions instead of adults, especially as kids are said to be the most ‘vulnerable’ and ‘weakest’ and there they are fighting against the worlds top criminals !


08 June 2023

A brilliant book to foster interest especially in KS3 or high KS2 boys – start of a series of 16 books – some bad language and violence – but this is what fosters interest – good to use as a class reader

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