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The Other Side of the Dale

Gervase Phinn

This is a warm, funny and mostly true account of the first year that Gervase Phinn spent as a schools’ inspector in North Yorkshire. His brilliantly portrayed cast includes his fellow inspectors who range from endearing to eccentric, sporting lords of the manor, Ministry bigwigs, formidable teaching nuns and a very attractive head-teacher who happens to be single, adding up to an enchanting montage of experiences. But it is the children themselves who steal the show, whether fresh-faced from the farms or worldly-wise from the towns. Gervase Phinn is a born raconteur who has transferred his talents to the written word with outstanding success.


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20 May 2015

Laugh out loud, especially if you have a friend with a Yorkshire accent who can read it alloud to you. Well observed and a gentle reminder of the past.

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