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A Slice of Britain: Around the country by cake

Caroline Taggart

‘Engaging, greedy and droll’ Bee Wilson in the Sunday Times

‘A rich and intriguing history of rivalries, passions and genius.’ Rose Prince

‘A wonderful account of where our beloved British bakes came from.’ Edd Kimber, winner of The Great British Bake Off

‘A delight – fruity, spicy, seasoned and well presented.… This is a cut and come again book – you read it once from cover to cover and then return to try the recipes.’ Amazon review

This is ‘the cake book’ that I’ve been talking about for so long. It’s a travel book with recipes, taking me round the country from Cornish Cream Teas to Aberdeen Butteries (with Bath Buns, Welsh Cakes, Eccles Cakes and Grantham Gingerbread in between), investigating the British teatime treats that have largely been knocked off the plate by the muffins and pains au chocolat of coffee-shop culture. The blurb describes it as ‘a glorious and gluttonous celebration of our traditional teatime fare’.


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