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Double Felix

Sally Harris, Maria Serrano

He skips every second step when he takes the stairs, taps door handles twice and positions objects in pairs. The problem has become so bad that Felix is on the verge of being expelled from school because the principal has had enough of trying to run the school around his very specific rules. Then Charlie Pye arrives and turns his world upside down. She is grown up with very few rules. She eats cereal for lunch, calls a boat home, and has a very loose interpretation of school uniform. The question is, can Felix ever learn to be wrong when he is so obsessed with being right?

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Reader Reviews


22 July 2022

The book wasn’t too bad but was a bit easy for me. It was interesting reading about Felix’s number ‘2’ obsession


09 August 2022

I enjoyed reading this book because it tells you a true fact about the brain, it shows to people becoming companions and it also shows how everyone is different. This book is not true and my favourite character is Charlie Pye because she stands up for her friend Felix, understands how Felix is and shows him an trick with wool. Double Felix interested me because on the blurb it is says that a new girl named Charlie stops him from getting expelled which sounded interesting, so I wanted to read it. I would recommend to others because this book is awesome.

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