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Go Your Crohn Way: A Gutsy Guide to Living with Crohn's Disease

Kathleen Nicholls

For Kathleen Nicholls, life with Crohn’s disease has been a constant battle against her bowels. But life has also been about David Bowie, dancing, and laughter. Go Your Crohn Way follows the highs and lows of Kathleen’s experiences, and is full of useful advice for maintaining self-confidence and positivity while navigating the world of work, relationships, and those conversations. Full of fun and humor, Kathleen’s journey through life with Crohn’s disease will leave you – like her – in stitches. Her friendly, down to earth tone and direct language means this book is suitable for all reading levels.


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20 July 2017

As a fellow Crohnie, I found the book to be simply outstanding: very funny, relevant stories/information that I found very useful and a bit of a comfort blanket – “I am not on my own”!

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