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The Unlikely Hero of Room 13b

Teresa Toten

When Adam meets Robyn at a support group for kids coping with obsessive-compulsive disorder, he is drawn to her almost before he can take a breath. He’s determined to protect and defend her, to play Batman to her Robin, whatever the cost. But when you’re fourteen and the everyday problems of dealing with divorced parents and step-siblings are supplemented by the challenges of OCD, it’s hard to imagine yourself falling in love.


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03 May 2016

“A dragon lives forever, not so little boys.”

This heart wrenching story of growing up made me sit in a room for a few minutes and contemplate my life. I’m not even joking. It’s a lovely story, about first love and family, but it was hard for me to connect with at first. However, several chapters in and I started to enjoy the story. This book teaches you a lesson though, a lesson we probably all need to learn, it’s okay to cry.

Georgia, age 13

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