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How to Feel Better: Practical Ways to Recover Well from Illness and Injury

Dr. Frances Goodhart, Lucy Atkins

Tackling the crucial question of how to get well, this book offers simple, research-based psychological strategies for recovery in a modern-day convalescent’s toolkit. When your body takes a serious knock, so can your thoughts and feelings. Often people feel worried, confused, lonely, depressed, unsupported or overwhelmed. They can be grappling with ongoing physical challenges: disability, pain, treatment side effects, sleep problems and fatigue. They may have practical concerns over finances or work – or may simply be trying to adjust. The book offers simple, practical ways to find a path through the space between illness and health in understandable sections and is suitable for all reading levels.

Dr Frances Goodhart is a Consultant Clinical Health Psychologist with over 20 years’ experience working in the NHS. She specialises in working with people coping with life-threatening or life-limiting illnesses. Lucy Atkins is a well-known health journalist, writing for papers such as The Guardian, The Times and The Telegraph as well as for magazines and online sites. She is the author of three health-related titles.


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