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The Colour Thief: A family's story of depression

Andrew Fusek Peters, Karin Littlewood, Polly Peters

We follow a young boy who loves spending time with his dad, doing fun things together. When his father becomes sad and distant, he doesn’t understand and believes he has done something to make his dad so, despite being told otherwise. Narrated from the child’s perspective, this is the perfect book to read with children who are trying to understand the cause and effects of depression and reassure them that depression passes, and their parents are not lost to them.

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14 August 2020

The Colour Thief: A Family’s Story of Depression

I like how the author uses metaphors to describe how the Dad was feeling and the illustrations!

Colour thief is about a Dad and his son and how their whole world used to be happy and then one day the Dad became really sad and that made his son sad too, so sadness became the family’s colour thief! Then one day, the Dad started talking to an expert about his sadness and then slowly, he became happy again and the whole family found their colour again!

From this story, I learnt that when you’re feeling down, if you talk to someone trusted and they’ll help you out! Don’t suffer in silence, don’t keep the sadness to yourself and allow it to steal the
colours of your life!



30 July 2015

It is good

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